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The Bear is an Animatronic Puppet that was 1st built in 2005 , Currently i am building a More Advanced Puppet For Bear purposes.

Lé Bear

Squat; Club

Squatclub is a 4 piece band from sydney Australia. Josh plays a 5 string spalt picco bass, this guitar is also customised with graphtec saddles and hexpander midi system feeding costomised software.

Their album was recorded live at an observatory in Australia by Chris Irvine. Josh also mixed the album and did additional programming and tracking.

The album can be streamed and CD purchased via this link:
Corvus by Squat Club Released 11 Nov 2011

Squat Club is:
Josh Ahearn - bass 
Josh Head - bass, vocals, effects 
Tim Brown - guitar, bazouki 
Evan McGregor - drums, percussion

Here is a review of the album from Bird’s Robe website:

The fantastic debut album from one-time prog supergroup Squat Club. The band exploded out of Sydney’s underground in 2008, playing a series of shows to ever-growing audiences, before disbanding in early 2009 as members scattered the globe.

The band returned to Australia in early 2010 to finish and launch this album with 2 packed shows in Sydney, before disbanding yet again.

In 2011, this amazing debut record has been remixed and remastered for release through Bird’s Robe Records, to pay tribute to one of the most inspiring and innovative acts to come from Sydney’s underground.

Shirlow is an instrumental band based in Australia. Although prominently a 4 piece rock formation, Josh also uses midi guitars feeding a multitude of customised software and also complex switching and routing systems.

shirlow jh

Work on the 1st Shirlow album is still underway and will be released in 2012 most likely short run vinyl. The album was recorded live by Clayton Segelov at the brain studios sydney, additional production by Tim Korn and Josh Head.

Shirlow is:
Tim Korn - guitars , electronics
Danny Stitt - bass , vocals
Evan McGregor - drums , percussion
Josh Head - guitars , electronics

Watch Shirlow and other great gigs on Moshcam.