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From the Depths of the Australian bush comes This multi faceted shapeshifting convict Reecard Farché.

(pronounced, Re-card Far-chey).

A concoction of Music , Character Design , Creature Effects and animatronic control , Anklepants was born in 2008 , This project is prominently electronic Music ,many Electronic and acoustic instruments including guitar , oud , voice , animal sounds , any sounds , field recordings and custom electronic instruments / controllers / microphones bent and mutated toys.

Recent additions to the ever mutating Anklepants Live show Have been the custom mic/ controller “facé control wün”

The instrument Is mainly used to Modulate voice processing with 16 buttons and 8 axis of jotstick controll it can also be used to control the animatronic facé activate accelerometers in Reecards Suit wich then modulate voice effects parameters and etc.

The mic also has its own accelerometer Where x-y position of the mic is also used to modulate and automate voice / track effects is also possible with for example Rhythmic gestures as to is looping and all kinds of sample manipulation.

All this control is all wireless feeding m4l with osc.

With a customised Terminal app By Mr Cammille toillard (of osculator)

This is the 1st of many instruments to come From Reecard Farché soon is the addition of a collaboration with us Guitar Company Starlabs.

the FACé_Tar

the new facécontroltwö below !!!

This controller incorporates m4l , custom machining and circuit bending to create a facé / Animatronic vocal and host controller like no other.

It contains 2 different switchable mic elements carbon and cardioid through a wireless transmitter.

Recent updates include Ejaculating pump 

Anklepants Reecard Farché at Torstrasse161 - Studio - Gallery - Venue by Laura Peter